Who We Help

The orphaned children in Malawi captured our hearts. They were so grateful, loving and willing to share the food and supplies that we brought to them.

The adults along with the government of Malawi were equally grateful for any help that we offered.

Nurture Our World chose Malawi, Africa to begin our mission to help children in need, or should we say, they chose us.

The People Of Malawi

Warm hearted people who have never been to war.

8th poorest country in the world.

14.2 million people, 2 million of those are orphans.

Over 200 die of AIDS each day.

Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria.

One in four children die before the age of five.

42% of the population are illiterate.

3.4% complete high school & 1% complete college.


Winner of the 2009 Malawi National Acheiver Award
Extra-ordinary  Humanitarian Recognized for a Lifetime of Service in Malawi.

We were introduced to Napoleon Dzombe from Malawi during the 2001 famine that took the lives of thousands of his countrymen, women and children.

We hope as you learn about this incredible country and it’s people, that you will join us on our mission. With your help we can make a difference in Malawi. As we grow, Nurture Our World will be able to reach out to other countries in need.