Who We Are & What We Do

Nurture Our World Inc. is a non profit charity organization whose mission is to nourish the body, mind and spirit of children in need. N.O.W. provides life-changing projects that offer a hand of hope by promoting education, nutritious food, healthcare and economic development.
In areas like Malawi Africa, 2.5 million orphans do not receive any kind of food, educational or health aid from their government or local villages. The primary schools are free but orphaned children have no access to school supplies that are needed to attend. Secondary schools begin at 9th grade and they are not free. Most orphaned children drop out of school at this point because there is not money for them to pay tuition, uniforms and other school supplies required to attend school. There are very limited school food programs and no local food kitchens or “welfare assistance” that provide food to these abandoned children.

In a country of over 14 million people, there is only an average of 300 doctors in the entire country. Raising funds and developing resources that directly affect these areas of critical need for children in countries like Malawi, is the primary focus of Nurture Our World. In the face of so much need, we looked for a promise that would bear hope for the hopeless. We found in John 3:16 a promise of new life to a hope starved world. Therefore it came as no surprise to us that after waiting for IRS approval for over a year, Nurture Our World was given a 501 (c ) 3 non-profit status on 3-16-11. We feel our heavenly Father has truly blessed our mission.

The most visible initiative of Nurture Our World is providing educational support and school supplies that give abandoned children a chance to improve their lives through our “Educational Aid for Orphans.”

Additional N.O.W. initiatives include “Real Kids * World Heroes” which utilizes projects like “Educational Aid For Orphans ” as an opportunity to help parents involve their children at a young age in meaningful programs that will nurture their children’s character and compassion. This program is designed to help motivate children to help other children in need around the world, “changing little hearts in big ways”.

Development of public support is done solely through volunteers, the Board of Directors and private support. Fundraising is in the form of events that are open to the public such as concerts and the Mesa Christmas House Light Show.

“Angels” was written and sung by Brenda Burch, Chief Corporate Advisor for Nurture Our World, video editing by David Kipp M.D., Chief Information Officer for Nurture Our World. We hope these precious children in the video, which touched our lives on our visits to Malawi will capture your hearts as well and create in you a desire to come with us on our next mission trip to Malawi Africa.
We also hope our site inspires you to join with us in our mission to better the lives of children in need.