N.O.W. Collage Scholarship Award

There are many bright young minds, paired with caring hearts and hands that are ready and willing to work diligently, with spirits that are longing to fulfill great purposes, but these longings are only dreams without an education.

The means of reaching their goals are beyond the reach of these kids who have incredible potential!

All they need are encouragement and a chance to thrive.

$50 a month provides a place for them to live, food and schooling!

Would you be willing to change a child’s destiny?

Nurture Our World makes each student scholarship a personal connection.

Every sponsor will receive their student’s picture, birthdate, background story, and progress update after each term.

It’s easy to join our efforts to change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Please contact Christine Kipp, 480-235-4321 Christine@nurtureourworld.net

2018 Scholarship Award Winner
Andrew Nduwaluwa

Born 8/16/1999, Andrew is an orphan brought up by his older brother.
He is hardworking and always at the top of his class.

He is currently finishing 12th grade. Before he was awarded a N.O.W. scholarship he was behind on 3 terms of tuition. He would be a dropout if not for the generous donations from our Nuture Our World sponsor, Dr. Bernadette Arnecke.

His dream is to graduate and attend college to study law and business.
Thank You Dr. Arnecke for your continued support in helping this fine young man achieve his life’s dreams!

2018 Scholarship Award Winner
Harold Bruno

Harold was born on December 6, 2003. This very bright 15 year old is an only child raised by a single mother. When he was selected to attend high school his mother and grandmother managed to raise the school fees for the 1st term. He worked so hard that he was one of the top 3 students in his class. He was forced to quit school the 2nd term because his mother could not raise the money for him to attend.

His school headmaster strongly recommended Harold for a N.O.W Scholarship because of his intelligence and work ethic.

He is sponsored by Dr. David and Christine Kipp.

He is now working on his second year in High School. His dream is to study entrepreneurship in college. His goal is to build a business that will create jobs for youths in Malawi. He is currently number three in his class.

2018 Scholarship Award Winner
Faith Kasela

Born April 26, 2001, Faith is 17. She is the first born to a single parent family of four. She is in 12th grade, her final year of high school.

Her dream is to attend college to study nursing. She is concerned about the extreme lack of staff in hospitals throughout Malawi, especially in the rural areas where she comes from.

She has been graciously sponsored by Dr. Will Ready and his wife Teri Carter. She wants them to know how much she appreciates this opportunity and that she will not waste it. She has proven this by being at the top of her class.

2018 Scholarship Award Winner
Innocent Raphael

Born August 9th, 2000, Innocent was raised by a single mom in a very poor household. Paying for tuition was impossible for him so with the help of N.O.W. he has just completed Highschool in 2018. He is a very intelligent young man with an unwavering focus towards his goal to become an architectural engineer. As soon as his National Exam results are in, he will apply for scholarships to a college.

Innocent has a very special N.O.W. sponsor.

Joseph Chipokosa, N.O.W.’s first college graduate, started a job selling rice when he finished school. He began to sponsor Innocent with money from his very first paycheck.

2013 Scholarship Award Winner

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