Orphan Student Aid Fund

The chance to attend school in Malawi Africa is a true gift to an orphan child. Watch the joy and gratitude that these little ones express as they recite the months of the year in English on our visit to their class.
We were invited to visit a school in Zambia. As we approached the school, four young children came up to us and asked us if we had any pens or pencils. The older one explained to us that if they had a pen or pencil, they could attend the school. If they were allowed to attend the school, they would be given a meal each day. We searched among our group and could only find 2 pencils. To our amazement the oldest child took the pencils and very carefully broke them in half sharing a piece of pencil with each of his little friends so that they could all attend the school. We were humbled by the love and caring they had for each other. Donations to N.O.W.’s Student Aid Fund is used to buy pens, pencils, and other much needed supplies that help make school a reality for these deserving children.
After witnessing how the children shared the pencils, we entered the school that was held in the local St Augusta Catholic Church. The teacher was using an old piece of cardboard for a chalk board and the children sat on rows of roughly poured cement but as each child greeted us with smiles it was easy to see that they were all happy and grateful to be in school learning.

We would be honored if you would remember children less fortunate by making a donation to Nurture Our World.
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