I am Joseph Chipokosa, a Malawian young man. I have just completed my degree of International Business at Pune University, India, graduating First Class, “Honors of Distinction”.

In 2007, I was a little boy who was lucky enough to be given space at one of the National secondary schools (Equivalent of high school). It has never been easy to get such an opportunity because of the stiff competition as the number of students applying for the opportunity is just too much compared to the schools available. While I managed to get one, there was no one to pay for my school fees and take care of my needs being an orphaned kid under the care of poor grandparents. I just thought that was it, I had lost that opportunity until I heard of Educate The Children ( ETC ) which is part of the Force For Good Foundation, a non-profit of Nu Skin Enterprises. Lucky enough I was picked by ETC which covered my tuition until I finished high school. Upon finishing, ETC declared me ‘The ECT Best Student” since the ETC program started.

Joseph’s Message

Christine Kipp and Dr. Susanne Lammot, founders of Nurture Our World, were in Malawi Africa, interviewing orphan students in June of 2010 when they came across an extraordinarily young man attending high school on a scholarship. Joseph’s interview left them with a lasting impression! They were moved by his sincerity, intelligence, maturity and compassion for the children of his country. His concern for the welfare & future of Malawi came from his heart. “We helped Joseph draft his first Definite Purpose Statement which outlined his life’s goals. One of our greatest gratifications at Nurture Our World has been delighting in the progress that Joseph is achieving and the many lives that he has already influenced.”

In Joseph’s words:

I have just completed my Bachelors Degree in Business Management- International Business with Honors from Pune University in India, (Oxford of the East).

In addition to my studies at Pune, I continued to support the group that I started at home in Malawi that I named FACT (Fanatical Authenticated Christian Team).

This group began with 17 young men that I came across in my village when I was home on a semester leave. Like me at that age, these orphan boys did not have the resources to attend secondary school or as you refer to it, (high school). I founded FACT as a support to teach them the power of the Bible, the importance of an education and to show them how to attain scholarships. To date FACT now has over 150 students in Bible study and in secondary school on scholarships and 15 students who have gone on to college.

I have also completed a book entitled, “The Love Of The Divinity”. I am looking forward to getting it published and I hope you will enjoy the pages of my book.

The Force For Good Foundaion and their Educate the Children (ETC) program started me on my educational journey. My dream now is to travel to the United States. I would like to speak to youth in the U.S. to inspire them. While in the U.S. my goal would be to obtain a Master’s Degree from a University in the United States.

It is now with a grateful and humble heart, that I turn to you in the hopes that you would seriously consider sponsoring me with a donation to Nurture Our World that would make it possible to pursue my Master’s Degree Program in the United States. If granted this opportunity, I promise that I won’t misuse it.

When I complete my education I will return to Malawi and establish a business which will create jobs, empower young men to achieve beyond the mediocrity walls. I want to be able to give them business insights and help in the creation of a generation which won’t settle for anything less. I want to be their role model, someone they can look up to, to attain their potential. I want them to look at my story and be inspired, that if I can, they can too! I want to play a role in as far as the country’s economy is concerned, making an impact for the betterment of Malawi.

I want to take this opportunity to thank ETC, The Force For Good Foundation, and Nurture Our World, and you in advance, for believing in me and for the huge role made in giving me, a poor orphan boy from Malawi, this chance to become someone who can help make my country a better place for many. Thank you for considering my request to help me in pursuing my Graduate Degree in the United States. I am overwhelmed with the love and kindness that the Nurture Our World doner’s have shown me and I place all of the Nurture Our World partners in my prayers.

Throughout the course here in India, Nurture Our World has covered every single need apart from tuition and rent which was covered by the Indian Scholarship. Many thanks to Nurture Our World! I can’t even imagine being here doing what am doing without it.

I wish to thank Mama Christine, who leads Nurture Our World. I wish there was a way of replicating you so every weak child could get one copy of you so they could find strength in you, look stronger and have things done. When everything doesn’t seem right and appealing and the world is shouting negativity and impossibility, such weak kids would know where to look. When everything seemed against me I felt like the whole weight of the world was on me, I looked to you and you punched it off me. You are such a God’s gift, God’s love personified. You are my hero, my number one Lady and my Mama Queen. I love you forever.

Joseph Chipokosa

We are so inspired by what this orphaned young man, from the 8th poorest country in the world, has accomplished! We are reaching out to you to “Help Joseph Help Others.” Our current goal is to bring Joseph to the USA soon, to inspire and motivate youth with his compelling message. To continue this growing ministry, N.O.W. needs your help. Your donation of any amount is a helping hand that is creating a brighter future for the children of Malawi, one of the 10 poorest countries on our planet! Your contributions are greatly needed to make his trip to the US possible and to help us continue to offer assistance to similarly motivated youth.

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